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Friday, March 18, 2011

How much do you weigh Mommy?

That is what my just turned 5 yr old asked me after all the boys had taken a turn on the scale. We had made the 5 yr old get weighed to make sure he wasn't losing weight (he just had his tonsils out a week ago). As usual, the boys (I have 5) and my Mr each took a turn. I answered, "35 pounds". They looked at me kinda funny but no one had the nerve to ask except the 5 yr old. He said "nu-uh. Mommy, how much?". I then told them. "Mommy won't tell you what she weighs until she is ready to, but I will tell you I have lost 35 pounds and I worked very hard to lose each one of them. They seemed ok with that answer.

I lost an entire Sammy!
I got to thinking after that. When they were taking turns on the scale, my 3 yr old weighed 33 lbs. I have lost an entire Sammy! When I think about it that way, it is an amazing accomplishment.

So tell me why I do not see any difference. I haven't changes size in anything. I haven't noticed any difference in my appearance, not even my face which is usually the first place I notice weight fluctuations. Not in the fit of my rings, which is another place I usually notice an early difference.

My question is... how much before you started to notice a change in yourself?

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  1. I didn't start noticing a real difference until I had lost about 40, but everyone's different! No one else started noticing until then, either. I mean, I took measurements, so I KNEW there were things happening... but until you really see shirts hanging off or pants falling down, it's hard to grasp in a real way. You'll get there! :)