Weight loss since my journey began.

Weight lost since banded 3/1/2011

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ready to rumble!

After a long long absence, I am posting. More to get my head in the game again. It has been a long year and I have gone up and down, but mostly I have been stuck. I hit the perfect restriction and was doing wonderfully and then I got a piece of meat stuck... really stuck. After spending the night vomitting everything I attempted to put in, including water, I called off work and called my doc. He said come right down and see him. I did. The result was the withdrawl of all 7.5 ml of fluid from my band. Recommended 6 weeks with no restriction and then the repeat of sssslllloooow addition of fluid over many many months. I am  frustrated and have decided that I am going to kick some hiney this summer and get back on track. So I put this out there into bloggerland. I am ready to rumble!