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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Waiting still

I have finished all of my testing and appointments, as well as 6 months of Dr. supervised, and am still waiting. Seems my doc didn't send her paperwork in to the surgeon and they "forgot" about me for a while. If I hadn't called to find out what the delay was, I may have been waiting forever. As it is now, they got a hold of my doc and then they had to submit everything to my insurance. So I wait again for the surgeon's office to hear back from the insurance and contact me with a surgery date. Do they not realize I am getting frustrated with this whole process? I actually have had some moments where I wonder about whether I am doing the right thing. I guess that is normal but I am not used to being unsure. I have always been someone who made up my mind about what I wanted and went and got it. This waiting and waiting have given me too much time to ponder without action. Please let them hurry. I am tired of waiting.

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